Olive Oil

CaliFuzion, LLC

$ 19.99

Our olive oil is made from olives grown on the central coast of California. Artisan crafted, locally processed, and extra virgin certified, this product is a quality oil for any household. Infused with basil to complement the nutty taste of Hemp Oil, this blend is well balanced with bright flavors. Use this fresh Mediterranean blend for dipping bread, adding to salad dressings or cooking with.

Compare this exquisite with your off-the-shelf imported oil and notice how much greener our oil is — that's not from the infused Hemp Oil, that's the natural color of the olive oil.

Available in 8.5 oz and 3 oz

8.5 oz - 667 MG Whole Plant Hemp Oil

3.0 oz  - 200 MG Whole Plant Hemp Oil

Ingredients: Certified California Virgin Olive Oil, less than 1% Basil Oil, CO2 Extracted Naturally Grown, Whole Plant Hemp.

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